onsdag 25 mars 2009

All American Kong

I was the dj at the Doc Lounge last night. It's a club where there's a dj, a live act and a documentary. A really great idea and I think it's spreading really fast... Last night Swedish electro act Covox did a really nice set and there was a really great short movie before the feature called Da Mozz (check it out here www.surra.se).

Anyway, the feature film was the King Of Kong which is about two guys battling for the world record on the Donkey Kong video game. A great documentary! At first, as the true Swede I am, it's easy to think "oh, those stupid Americans". The film definitely features some crazy people and stupid remarks but afterwards I felt that there's something about that I like! When I was a kid I was a wrestling fan and I love rock'n'roll and jazz and blues. All American stuff. The film gave me part of the answer why. There's a thing everybody talks about in the movie and that is that it's important to be the best in the world at what they do. It doesn't matter if it means spending half your life in front of a video game. I guess that's why they do a lot of stuff so good. They're not satisfied until they are the best. I envy that.

On friday I will go see Jay Reatard, the Mojomatics and EL-SD at Debaser. I hope my brother will be there with the new Black Lips LP for me.

Oh, and the Doc Lounge is every tuesday at Hornstull Strand in Stockholm. Starts at seven pm.

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