lördag 21 mars 2009

Saxophones, hunches and free jazz

I broke my wrist in february and have been on sickleave since and that's how this blog came about. I can't play guitar at the moment so I've been practising my saxophone a lot. I'm getting pretty good! I'm gonna start playing with King Salami and the Cumberland 3 in April. First show opening up for the Pretty Things. Ouch! That'll be fun! And then we'll play Sardinia in June and maybe Portugal in May. I'll also be playing some sax with Murder By Guitar (since I can't play bass) when we open up for Thomas Fuction at Debaser, Stockholm on April 4. Please come if you can!!

Musically I've been grooving a lot to free jazz and punk actually.

I went to see the Thing, the free jazz trio, and was really inspired by that. Also Albert Ayler has been getting into my ear. I love Spirtis Rejoice!! Got an amazing version from my friend which is from the "Live In Greenwich Village" album.

The new (and last) Hunches album "Exit Dreams" (In The Red) is fantastic and has rejuvenated my belief in punk!! If you haven't checked out the latest Deerhunter record yet you should too... "Microcastle" on Kranky.

Keep it free.

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