söndag 17 maj 2009

Human Audio, digging and Italian record labels

We did the Human Audio Club at Landet this Thursday and had a splendid time!! Bristlemouth and the Alpine Huts played live and we had a good crowd. Me and Martin were dj-ing.

Bristlemouth was really great I thought. A really young guy who had kind of a Jonathan Richman feel but rooted in a nineties sound. It was his first show and he did real good. The Alpine Huts we saw before and they were great again. A modern garage sound with some Gun Club leanings. I interviewed them for Denimzine.

Other news: We're finally releasing our second album with Murder By Guitar on brand new Jeet Kune Records. It's Marco and Tina's (from Rome) new label. The record will kind of be titled MBG and it will be out in a few weeks. Their other release is the new Intellectuals album.

I've started recording what I hope to be my first solo 7" as plain old Martin Savage.

We spent the weekend at our little cottage in town. It's so great now. All green and beutiful flowers. Slept there and watched a bit of Mean Streets in the evening.

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