onsdag 12 december 2012

Martin Savage Sampler

For the upcoming Martin Savage Gang italian tour I put together a sampler of Martin Savage hits (that we're gonna do live). Just follow the link and enjoy!!
Photo: Annika Berglund (http://annikaberglund.tumblr.com/)
Logo: Simon Ferner (http://zoomainenzombie.blogg.se/)
1. Black Lips (the Humans. From 7" on Ken Rock Records)
2. I'll Be Gone (Murder By Guitar. From 7" on Alien Snatch)
3. Subway Man (Murder By Guitar. Previously unreleased)
4. Tracy (Murder By Guitar. From On Parade LP on Sounds Of Subterrania)
5. Still Dreamin' (Murder By Guitar. From MGB LP on Jeet Kune)
6. I'm A Rocket (Tokyo Knives. From 7" on Wrench)
7. Stockholm City (Dixie Buzzards. From 7" on Valentina Records)
8. Tell Her (Locomotions. From 7" on Savage and LP on Alien Snatch)
9. Too Cool For You (Locomotions. Unreleased version)
10. Leave Me Alone (Playmobils. From International Lifestyle LP on P.Trash)
11. Shake That Monkey (Same as above. Song originally by Dixie Buzzards)
12. I Gotta Go Now (the Blacks. From 7" on Savage)

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