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Human Audio reviews from Terminal Boredom

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Always hard to impress...

Murder By Guitar “D.O.A.” 7”
Martin Savage lives! Glad to see the guy still pumping out records. Savage Records (and magazine) seems to have been put aside, and he’s now operating under the Human Audio Recordings brand (with a reviews blog as well). I was not a big fan of past MBG releases, and this 7” is their last gasp, recorded before the band imploded. Euro-punk with dark-synth, in the vein that bands like Cola Freaks are playing, but with the songs still having the garage-touch that’s in Savage’s blood. “Nightmare” and “Duration” are a throwback to the Lost Sounds melding of garage-rock and synth-punk. “4532” might be the best thing I’ve heard from the band, sounding the most modern and least garage, with a fittingly bleak ending sequence. Scum stats: 200 copies with two sleeve variations. (RK)
(Human Audio Recordings // humanaudio.blogspot.com)

Strawberry Savage “Too Cold To Cry” 7”
Martin Savage’s current outfit, a two-piece pairing him with his former Dixie Buzzards band mate Jenny Silver. Country-influenced garage-pop, four songs here, the most notable of which is a cover of King Louie’s “Walking With the Light”, and that’s just because Louie writes incredible songs. I always kid that Savage’s work is derivative of some other currently popular band/sound, and this time I feel he’s reaching for a Vermillion Sands (or Georgiana Starlington) type of thing, with just a dash of The Poppets lollipop schtick. I was hoping this was going to sound like that TJ & the Lipstix single for some reason. But it doesn’t. This isn’t terrible, but it’s also nowhere near good either. Martin Savage records I would recommend before this one: any Blacks record, the first Tokyo Knives 7”, any of the first three Locomotions singles (or the LP), The Humans 7”, or that TJ & The Lipstix single I already mentioned. Scum stats: 200 copies with two sleeve variations. (RK)
(Human Audio Recordings // humanaudio.blogspot.com)

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