lördag 7 september 2013

Reviews from Roctober mag.

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Growth "Turn" b/w "The Flood"

(Human Audio) Martin Savage's label explodes with not so much savagery as a methodical, slow rending of flesh by jagged wolf teeth. Jandek-spooky minimalist ghost garage as frightening as finding a growth.

Murder by Guitar "D.O.A." ep

(Human Audio) Swedish post-punk darkwave gems that sound way better than D.O.A.'s "Murder by Guitar" ep (which is only a half joke...I actually have a mediocre D.O.A. 90s record titled "Murder").

Strawberry Savage "Too Cold To Cry"

(Human Audio) Like most strawberries, and unlike most garage duos, this is tasteful. But dont let that put you off, trashmeisters, as this minimalist, raw pop platter feels like an ethereal campfire singalong and an art garage hoedown. That Jenny Silver's Swedish accented-English evokes a bit of Nico's German accented English don't hurt, nor does a cover of King Louie (New Orleans self-abusive one man band, not Chicago teen rapper).

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