onsdag 19 februari 2014

Great review of Growth from Still Single!

Doug Mosurock gives the debut 7" a great review and the ole recommended tag! Get it while you still can. We got about 20 copies left.

Growth – “The Flood” b/w “Turn” 7” (Human Audio Recordings)
Unearthed from the tower of 7” singles over here – and I’ll handily admit, it’s because I read someone else’s writing about it … sorry, I’m not your main source of review news anymore, though I’d like to be! – comes this mystery single from a Swedish label. Simple two-three chord bang, but slowed down a bit; literally all of the tension and melody comes out of the woman’s voice on “The Flood.” Ain’t much to this song but it’s the kind of thing you keep listening to a single where most others you’d just file (or dump). Someone made a comparison to Little Claw, which is meaningless to me (they may as well have never existed as a band), but a number of people looking for a rock thrill that’s a little unfinished and gets by on a human heart would do well to check this. “Turn” is a bit bluesier, in a really rudimentary Thalia Zedek clone sort of way (like 3rd-level “Multiplicity”) but is a strong enough comedown to the A-side. Reminds me of that band Flight for some reason, particularly their great 7” on Sweet Rot. 200 copies, very much available. (http://humanaudio.blogspot.com)
(Doug Mosurock)

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